All Actors; Government, NGO, INGO, Private Businesses, Individuals and all others across the globe are most welcome to partner, financially support, and/or participate with us in the fight for Dignified Menstruation. Please directly email us with your interest:


Ministry of Women, Children, and Elder Welfare of Nepal

Summarized and translated: Discrimination against Menstruation is a public, social, and health issue which is deeply ingrained into our society’s values, principle, and practices. This harmful practice directly impacts women and girls and indirectly impacts every single individual in our society from living healthy and happy lives. Despite legislative efforts to eliminate menstruation discrimination practices/Chhaupadi through the law, there are still continous widespread use of menstruation discrimination practices due to the negative social ideals of menstruation. We, the Ministry of Children, Women, & Social Welfare Singhadurbar recognize that to eliminate menstruation discrimination, there needs to be a change in societies ideals and values through community education. Thus we are collaborating with the Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation on their mission to host a conference on dignified menstruation in May 2020. We urge other organizations from every sector to join us. 

National Association of Rural Municipalities in Nepal

Summarized: Menstruation discrimination and its consequences are one of the most critical public health issue in Nepal, especially in rural regions where there is less education and awareness. We are appreciative of Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation initiative to host a conference regarding this issue in Nepal and fully support the coalition in partnership and coordination support amongst government officials.