Radha Paudel, MDM,MA,MEd,BN. Director of Radha Paudel Foundation

Radhal Paudel is an Activist, Author with a focus on Dignified Menstruation, Women in Politics, Peace Building, Gender Based Violence, and Gender Equity. She is a pioneer Menstruation activist based in Nepal.

She is the author of Apabitra Ragat (2019), Dignified Menstruation (2018), Shantika Paliaharu (Steps for Peace) (2018), Khalangama Hamala (2013) (best literary award 2014, available in Nepali, English.

Laxman Belbase, MS. Global Networks Manager at MenEngage Global Alliance. 

Laxman is a Gender justice & Child Rights’ Activist with over 15 years of experiences in programs development & implementation, advocacy, monitoring & evaluation, activism & organizational development & strategic planning in the field of Gender Equality, Child Rights & social justice at national, regional & global levels. 

His focus is on transforming masculinities and engaging boys and men in gender equity as one of the founding core group member of MenEngage Alliance in Nepal.